Speech Wrist BP Monitor
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Model: BPM-3301/3301S

BPM-3301 Portable wrist without speech function
BPM-3301S Portable wrist with speech function
Speech broadcasts: During Measurement from beginning to the end.
High quality: LCD slice and sensors from Japan; available checking automatically from pressuring, measuring till exhausting.
Not only showing the test result for blood pressure but also pulse rate accurately & automatically.
The LCD arithmetic figure LCD: Clearly for easy reading.
Measure the result: Show up with the mmHg.
High blood pressure caution light and hint the voice reminding.
Smart memory: 60 times.
Automatic shout down: One minute after stopping checking.
Measure scope: 20~3000 mmHg(pressure)
          40~160 hypo/minute(pulse number)
Measure accuracy: ±5 mmHg(pressure)
               ±5%(pulse number)
Measure wrist long: about 135mm~195mm
External size: about 65mmx65mmx29mm
Weight: about 95g