Three Channel ECG
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Model: ECG-603


Standard 12 leads, simultaneous acquisition

Input circuit

Isolated input circuit with protection against pacemaker and defibrillator

Input impedance


Input circuit current


Calibration voltage


Polarizing voltage



5, 10, 20mm/mV, and automatic gain control


AC: 50Hz (-20dB); EMG: 35-45Hz (-3dB);
DFT: <=0.45Hz

Time constant

3.2s (0, +20%)

Noise level


Frequency response




Sampling rate


A/D converter

12 bit

Recording paper

Roll: 63mm*20m (30m)
Zip fold: 63mm*75mm*20m

Operation Mode



High resolution thermal array printer

Baseline Control

Automatic elimination of baseline drift
Automatic adjustment of baseline position

Rhythm lead

Selectable among standard 12 leads

DC input

10mm/v+/-5%; single ended input>=100ko
1V/mV+/-5%; single ended output>=100o

Safety level

Class I, Type CF

Power requirements

AC: 100-240V, 50/ 60Hz
DC: Built in charger and Li-ion battery
Supports continuous operation for more than



Net/Gross Weight



▲Inner handhold designed for portability and Light Weight
▲Designed with a high-resolution thermal printer to print out ECG waveform,
annotation as well related parameters for diagnosis reference.
▲Roll recording paper is 63mm in width and 30m in length.
▲Simultaneously acquisition of 12 lead ECG data, IEC Class, type CE safety
▲Digital isolation technology is adopted to minimize time/temperature drift of
components so as to promote adaptability of  the unit to circumstance.
▲Digital filter for effective inhibition of baseline drift, interference, as well
automatic position of baseline
▲Self-test upon powering on.
▲Function of rhythm lead for observing abnormal ECG waveform & heart rate,
Automatic measurement and interpretation of ECG waveform to relieve doctors
from strain.
▲Multiple print formats include 3-channel, 2-channel, 1-channel, and particularly the one that combines 3-channel (for leadl-aVF) and 2-channel (for V1-V6).
▲AC/Rechargeable battery for supporting continuous examination when AC power supply is unavailable.
▲For battery operation, ECG-603 is equipped with a charger & system for
battery capacity  management and protection itself from excessive discharge.
▲Lfilters: AC, HUM, DFT Real-time clock, real-time measurement and presenting of ECG parameter.
▲Power: 220 / 110 (±10%), 50 / 60Hz selectable.