Single Channel ECG
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Model: ECG-601A

Input Circuit
Isolated input circuit that works with pacemaker and defibrillator
Input Impedance
> 50MΩ
Input Circuit Current
≤ 0.1μA
Calibration Voltage
1mV± 3%
Polarizing Voltage
± 400mV
5, 10, 20mm/mV, and automatic gain control
AC: 50Hz (-20dB); EMG: 35-45Hz (-3dB); DFT: ≤0.45Hz 
Time Constant
3.2s (0, +20%)
Noise Level
≤ 15µVp-p
Frequency Response
0.05-150Hz (-3dB)
Sampling Rate
A/D Converter
Recording Paper
Roll: 50mm× 20m (30m); Zip-fold: 50mm× 75mm (20m)
Operation Mode
Manual/ Auto
High resolution thermal array recorder
Baseline Control
Automatic elimination of baseline drift Automatic adjustment of baseline position
Rhythm Lead
Selectable among standard 12 leads
Signal Input
10mm/v±5%; single ended input ≥100kΩ
ECG Output
1V/mV±5%; single ended output ≤ 100Ω 
Safety Level
Class I, Type CF
Power Requirement
AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 40VA DC: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
Net/Gross Weight

▲Inner handhold designed for portability and Light Weight.
▲High resolution thermal printing array system.
▲High frequency response reach to 150Hz.
▲Capable of printing continuous one channel trace and annotations including lead mark and such parameters as sensitivity, paper speed and filter operation status.
▲High resolution digital filter inhibits baseline.
▲One-touch operation able to enhance efficiency and relieve operating strain.
▲Concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard.
▲Visual status due  to light indicated touch-keys.
▲Rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations.
▲Under the automatic mode, pressing key MODE continuously can keep
▲The wave-form is displaying synchronously on the LCD with 240x128 dots.